So who are Lisa and Frances anyway?

Lisa and Andrew Millennium Park 2010Matthew and Frances at Yale April 2009

We are a mother and daughter-in-law who share our love of cooking, making food attractive and feeding our friends and family. Frances and my son currently live in New York and both work full-time. I live in Chicago and also work full-time. We live in apartments with decidedly unfancy kitchens and very little space. So whatever we make, you can make. Neither of us has been to cooking school, but I come from a long line of wonderful home cooks and Frances is starting her own traditions while carrying on some of mine. We are eclectic omnivores, but we have made meals to satisfy vegans and children with serious allergies. About the only foods I won’t eat are sushi, blood sausage (at least not on purpose!) and really rare meat. Frances eats all of those, as does her husband. We cook for Jewish holidays, Thanksgiving and the 4th of July. I read cookbooks voraciously and my favorite shopping is food shopping. Well okay, I also like to jewelry shop. Thanks to the internet, everything is available whether you live in Missoula, Montana, Anchorage, Alaska or a major city like San Francisco or New York. Did I tell you that we love to hike in the mountains of Utah and eat and drink our way across Napa and Sonoma? For about five years, Frances and I have been sharing recipes and photos and we thought it might be fun to let you enjoy them too. I’m sure that Frances will have things to add, but this should give you an idea if you want to check us out.

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